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Guided reading activity the age of exploration lesson 3 colonial latin america answer key

1. a) Businesspeople Age of Exploration and Rise of Monarchial States AH Unit 3 - Colonial Life and French and Indian War Ancient Latin America - 20 cards; Ancient Mali (VA The era known as the Age of Exploration, sometimes called the Age of Discovery, officially began in the early 15th century and lasted through the 17th century. 27 Page 2 HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY ACTIVITIES GEOGRAPHY AND THE WORLD Guided Reading Activity 3 LOOKING AT THE EARTH Forces Shaping the Earth DIRECTIONS: Outlining Reading the section and completing the outline below will help you learn more about the earth’s structure. (When answering online, separate multiple answers with a comma and one space. American History: The Early Years to 1877 Guided Reading Activities provides help for students who have difficulty comprehending the student text or would benefit from a review of the material. Use your textbook to supply the details that support or explain each main idea. pdf View Download: This is the lesson from which we took notes on the 3 different types of colonies found in the New World. Between 1450 and 1850 at least 12 million Africans were taken across the notorious Middle Passage of the Atlantic, mainly to colonies in North America, South America, and the West Indies. They settled in the northeast. 2001 · Vol. b. PreK–K , 1–2 , 3–5 , 6–8 Guided Reading Activity The Renaissance in Europe Lesson 2 Ideas and Art of the Renaissance Review Questions: Outlining DIRECTIONS: Read the lesson and complete the outline below. Space Exploration & You – in 3 levels. 3 Lesson 1 Exploration and Technology. ★★ The following standards are highlighted in Chapter 3: Section 1 III People, Places, and Environments: E, G, H Section 2 I Culture: A, D Section 3 IV Individual Development and Identity: C, E, G Understanding Latin American colonial absolutism. 108 Video 10 minutes: Students watch Peter the Great Video and explore timeline. Archaeologists: Scientists who studies artifacts to learn about past cultures. The war with the highest number of battle deaths 6. 2. Use another sheet of paper if necessary. and continued through England’s colonization of the Atlantic coast in the 17th century, Social Studies Reading Comprehension Topics for 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th Grade and 6th and 7tg grade Chapter 3: European Exploration and Colonization Trade Route to Asia in the 1400s European Trade With Asia Traders - people who get wealth by buying items from a group of people at a low price and selling those things to 1. Prepare brief journal reports, journal entries, drawings, maps, and models for the museum. Chapter 12 THE AGE OF EXPLORATION BY: Zia, Didy, & Vicky 2. ) I. History of Latin America, the history of the region from the pre-Columbian period the European exploration and colonization of Latin America, see colonialism. Guided reading Lesson 4 5. Several Native American cultures existed in North America before the Europeans came. By comparison, as recently as the 1950s, two-thirds of all immigrants to the United States came from Europe or Canada. Description: This activity explains common diseases that sailors contracted such as scurvy, yellow fever, cholera, typhoid, and others. Procedures and Activities: • Build background knowledge of students by asking them to write a response to these questions: “Has your parents made you do something (for example, chores) that you didn’t want to do? What was the reason for using you?” • Language activity – review the vocabulary words related to the lesson: colonialism, Age of Exploration and the Slave Trade Mr. " In this provocative essay, he urges us to "try to stretch our boundaries" beyond the Anglo-American settlements and introduce our students to Quebec and Peru as well as to Jamestown, to slavery in the Caribbean as well as slavery in South Carolina. 13 Colonies. I. As long as 25,000 years ago, groups of Asian hunters crossed this land-bridge in search of food, following the migrations of animal herds. 121, 2,. 6 reading comprehension for Save the Rain Forests. During the ice ages, large sheets of ice covered much of Earth. The period is characterized as a time when Europeans began exploring the world by sea in search of new trading routes, wealth, and knowledge. Notes_3. Age of Exploration Culture Shock- Mini-activities including an analysis of a dance based on sailing, writing directions without landmarks and finding what is missing from a painting about the time period. The Age of Exploration . com Friday, September 5, 2014: -Students started the Exploration Unit by writing down key vocabulary for the unit. 4. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Students compare and contrast the geographic, political, religious, social, and economic structures of the Mesoamerican and Andean civilizations. Self Rule for British Colonies; Section 3. 5th Grade Social Studies Curriculum: Exploration and Settlement of the New World (Pre 1600) The word “progressive” generally refers to an attitude or spirit of moving forward with new ideas, actions, or opportunities (i. European colonial Expansion helped produce a great increase in European trade, and this growth 78 Chapter 3 Teach Geography of the Middle Colonies New York and New Jersey pp. Chapter 17 - Age of Exploration - be historical be historical European exploration and expansion into the Americas began in 1492 with the first voyage of Christopher Columbus, who sailed west for Spain. Answer both questions at the end of video and timeline. In addition, when you click the "listen" button, you can hear the passage while it highlights the text. This statement links the reteaching activity to one of the chapter concepts. Europeans explored North and Latin America for more than two centuries The Spanish, Dutch, English, and French set up colonies in North America By the late 1800’s European nations had gained political and economic control of India, parts of the Middle East, and most of Africa Asia In this reading, you will learn about the Age of Exploration. 91N-97O in teachers manual Early America Worksheets This page contains our stand-alone worksheets on America from prehistory through the voyages of Columbus. 5. GUIDED READING A Place Called Mississippi Chapter 3: The European Period, 1540 - 1798 Section 1 Spanish Exploration Directions: Use the information from pages 72 - 74 to complete the following. How did the Spaniards retaliate? 3. Our current unit of study is Early Explorers of North America. The peninsulares controlled society while the natives were forced into slavery: Encomienda system The Three G's I am Hernando Cortes, and I am an explorer who sailed in hopes of finding gold, which was one of the three main motivations for exploration. Start studying World history Chapter 4, Lesson 3 The Age of Exploration STUDY. Define the  Vol. New Patterns of Trade Guided Notes. The _____ in particular, used Native Americans to attack the English. Earth has gone through several ice ages, or periods of extreme cold. New England 9 3. Ice Age, Asia and Alaska were attached by a land-bridge where the Bering Straits are found today. Some words may be used more than once. Nope I actually wished that we got questions like these in the AP Exams, but then that would as same as wishing for the impossible, but I feel like the excerpts really throw me off, like I got a perfect score on your quiz, but in class I am horrible at those excerpt based MCQs. Unit Theme: Colonial America During the colonial unit, there are a variety of places where technology could be incorporated. A complete answer should include: conquest, competition, and trade led to significant economic and political growth—for example, Portugal took control of the spice trade, the Spanish conquered the Aztec and the Inca; the Dutch, French, and the English explored and settled in North America. The use of Computers a. Find out how 17 th-century sailors navigated across vast oceans and learn to use a period navigation tool. Lesson 2 The First Global Economic Systems I. Graphic Organizer "Key Actions of the Continental Congress" 6. 1996 · Vol. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. 6 reading comprehension for the The Effects of European Exploration. The Reach of Imperialism Chapter 12. Colonial America Guided Reading Lesson 3 The Middle Colonies New York and New Jersey Outlining Reading the section and completing the outline below will help you learn more about the Middle Colonies. Start studying The Age of Exploration-Guided Reading Stradegies. Then use the information under the correct heading and subheading to help you write each answer. A. Image- Common sense 3. Chapter 3 Age of Exploration PowerPoints. Each reteaching worksheet begins with a Key Conceptstatement for the stu- dent to read. Name of Unit: Exploration and Colonization. ) 14. W. The circle next to the answer will turn Play this game to review History. Colonizing America: Guided Reading: Lesson 1 North America Before Columbus. Joint-stock companies were used to make profit on the colonies. ) Make sure that you are using good sources in order to research for this project. There were many advancements during the Age of Exploration. Please make sure you check with me if you were absent the day we started (if you are going to be out several days, please email me. Teachers for the course should have provided books and materials that will provide the answers to the guided reading activity 20-1 Raising Money. For webquest or practice, print a copy of this quiz at the Renaissance - Age of Exploration webquest print page. 1_The_Southern_Colonies. Climate is the usual weather pattern of an area over a 3. Refer to your textbook to fill in the blanks. Conquest of Latin America by the Spanish Empire. Jul 29, 2019 · Each and every period of its history is crucial in some way to understanding the present-day character of the land. Unit 2 _ Chapter 2- The American Colonies Emerge · ANSWERS Guided Viewing Questions 1. Then answer the questions that follow. The early North American colonies were a meeting place of cultures. 3. Strategies ELL ESE Accomodations Performance Chapter 6 lesson 3 and4 quiz Guided Reading Activities 3 Name Date Class 1-3 For use with textbook pages 19–25 E CONOMIC CHOICES AND DECISION MAKING FILLING IN THE BLANKS Directions: Use your textbook to fill in the blanks using the words in the box. A key concepts for World History PowerPoint introduction, graphic organizers, writing guide and foldable activity. Trade, Colonies, and Mercantilism A. SS. Title: Microsoft Word - European Colonization Study Guide (Ch1 Sec3&4). I have found my answer so I should fill in the blank. , “making progress”). Democratic Reform and Activism; Section 2. Renaissance Exploration and colonization Keys to Mercantilism 14 Section 3 – Colonial Latin America where I have written “Answer” this is the prompt the students will see, and where. Start studying World History | Chapter 17: Lesson 3- Colonial Latin America. 912. The Age of Exploration Guided Reading Activity Cont. 2002 · Vol. These worksheets, free to print, are designed for a comprehensive high school United States History course. The war whose total cost least exceeded its original cost 5. History of a Free Nation. 2000 · Vol. The class will read the included text, answer 3 critical-thinking questions, and fill out a pie chart showing the demographics of the time. ⚡3. 1994 · Vol. 41, 2,. Beginning with the 1492 arrival of Christopher Columbus, the Spanish Empire expanded for four centuries (1492–1892) across most of present-day Central America, the Caribbean islands, Mexico, and much of the rest of North America. com and save up to 80% off list price and 90% off used textbooks. What influences Latin American culture today? Spanish and Portuguese Colonies analyzing the overall impact of the Age of Exploration on Latin America. Then make your own navigation instrument to find where you are on the globe. 51, 2,. Teachers Guide Free Download. Mar 02, 2017 · The age-of-exploration 1. They formed Jamestown in 1607, which was named after King James. Britain began to colonize various areas in North America. World History Video The Chapter 13 video, “Magellan’s Voyage,” Explore the Economienda System common in Latin America during the 1700s. The Southern Colonies 8 2. decided it was time to set up colonies in North America. 412 The era known as the Age of Exploration, sometimes called the Age of Discovery, officially began in the early 15th century and lasted through the 17th century. K-12 Reading Framework; extinction of certain animals in America, but also encouraged the Native Americans to engage in warfare. 7. Cegielski Essential Questions: •1) What were the political, economic, and religious causes of European exploration? •2) What were the major sea routes and exploits of each explorer? •3) Why is the legacy of Columbus so controversial? •4) What were the political, economic and cultural effects of civilizations in Latin America Known for statues Up to 9 feet tall and weighed more than 40 tons. Instructions: To take the quiz, click on the answer. CHAPTER 3: Colonial America 1. The first Jesuits, guided by Father Manuel da Nóbrega and including   A person born on the Iberian Peninsula; typically, a Spanish or Portuguese official who resided temporarily in Latin America for political and economic gain and  chapter you will learn about the exploration of new lands and its global impact. Description: This resource includes a reading passage and ten multiple choice questions. 1—12. An astrolabe was a light, fast sailing ship. The Scramble for Africa; Section 2. Control and Protest 13 3. Colonial America. Feb 17, 2010 · God, Gold, & GloryAn Introduction to European Exploration & Expansion Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The Age of Exploration 1500–1800 Key Events As you read this chapter, look for the key events of the Age of Exploration. It gives immediate feedback. On the internet, the students could research and become resident experts of Age of Exploration Sign up for HISTORY email updates Sign up now to get email updates on new episodes, sweeps alerts, and more from your favorite HISTORY shows. Lesson 3: Competing for Colonies This Lesson Matters Because European countries competed for colonies in the Americas. Content Covered in the US History Lesson Plan. Amerigo Vespucci Activities; The Age of Exploration Unit Plan; Age of Exploration Project Ideas; The Journal of Christopher Columbus Discussion Questions; Go to European Exploration & Colonization Starting in 1492, the arrival of Europeans in present-day Latin America irrevocably changed the region's history. What did explorers take to and from the New World during the Age of Exploration? How did exploration of the Americas lead to settlement? Understandings (Big Ideas): European nations and individual explorers were motivated by God, greed, and glory. Selection File type icon File name Description Size Revision Time User; Ċ: 3 Types of Colonies Foldable. In addition, when you click the "listen" button, you can hear the passage while it highlights the te Delve into the Age of Exploration with this activity-packed resource! Complete with a pre-test, discussion questions and quiz for a 30-minute video on the period, map activities, timeline of discoveries, vocabulary, etc. Describing As you read, take notes on exploration, slave through their worldwide trading activity. American Slave Narratives: "Been Here So Long. *WIP - Word, Information, Picture. . Latin. Description: This resource includes a historical passage and ten multiple choice questions. England and the Colonies A. Main Idea: The political and economic expansion of Spain and Portugal created a complex mix of social classes and people in Latin America. Primary Source "letter" 2. It began with the Vikings’ brief stint in Newfoundland circa 1000 A. Chapter 17; Lesson 3: Colonial Latin America Directions: As you read  3. SSH 19 # 17-18 Performance Tasks Additional Assessments Culminating Activity- Jigsaw activity: Groups of students will each be assigned a specific type of map. What were the two major reasons for the conflict between England and Spain? 2. We will discover the many brave and courageous explorers who were responsible for finding the many lands we live in today. Students analyze reasons for movement of people from Europe to the Americas, describing the impact of exploration by Europeans and American Indians. The Age of Exploration Lesson 3 Colonial Latin America Review Questions DIRECTIONS: Read each main idea. Abraham Lincoln Reading Comprehension - The Presidential Years Part 3 - Online Description: This resource includes a historical passage and ten multiple choice questions. Decide which places, people, and events to include in the museum. Because of this, he called the Native Americans Indians 3-1 Guided Reading Activity 3-1 DIRECTIONS: Outlining Locate the heading in your textbook. 2003 · Vol. Teacher Lesson Center, 6-year subscription Teacher Lesson Center, 1-year subscription Reading Reading Essentials and Study Guide, Student Workbook Reading Essentials and Study Guide, Answer Key Spanish Materials Spanish Reading Essentials and Study Guide, Student Workbook Spanish Reading Essentials and Study Guide, Answer Key Get the Chapter 4 - Lesson 3 Guided Reading Activity The Age of Description of Cognero Name: Class: Date: The Age of Exploration: Guided Reading: Lesson 3 Chapter 4 Lesson 3 Guided Reading Activity The Age of Exploration Lesson 3 Colonial Latin America Review Questions DIRECTIONS: Read Age of Exploration Quiz played a key role in the European Age of Exploration that emerged in the 15th and 16th centuries? for his expedition to North America Oct 15, 2012 · Primary Sources Resource List- Age of Exploration and Colonial America Posted on October 15, 2012 by lukeandelona Primary sources are a fantastic way of connecting content in a meaningful way to the kids. Grades. T21. Sep 25, 2019 · The story of North American exploration spans an entire millennium andinvolves a wide array of European powers and uniquely American characters. Rent Guided Reading Activities With Answer Key Glencoe The American Journey at Chegg. Map- Battle of Lexington and Concord 7. Guided Reading Activity. Unit 1 Chapter 17; Lesson 3: Colonial Latin America Directions: As you read through the online textbook, complete the blank spaces and answer any questions within these notes. Define the 4 vocabulary terms on page 253 and then find and define antonyms for each of the 4 terms. ) A. All links are deemed relevant and are not placed merely for profit. The English established successful colonies along the eastern seaboard of North America. Pg. These were the kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and ______________. Voyages of Discovery Guided Notes. Ted Widmer begins with an overview of the subject, entitled "Navigating the Age of Exploration. Read N Think: Columbus- Short reading practice with comprehension questions about Christopher Columbus. Imperialism (Case Study: Nigeria) Colonial Brazil (Portuguese: Brasil Colonial) comprises the period from 1500, with the arrival of Brazil's sugar age, with the development of plantation slavery , merchants unit under a monarch, giving rise to the largest country in Latin America. Struggle for Empire 12 2. During this time, European explorers made many daring voyages that changed world history. 13. When answering questions it is important to use a different color font to denote YOUR answers. What Were the Three Main Reasons for European Exploration of North America? The three main reasons for European exploration of the North American continent were finding an alternate passageway to China and the eastern trade markets, the exploitation of labor and resources in the new world and spreading European-style civilization. 11 Summarize the causes that led to the Age of Exploration, and Note: Product links are paid affiliate links. The WIP is an assignment for every chapter unless told otherwise, and is due the day of the WIP Quiz. England in America A. War and Expansion in the United States; Section 4. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a variety of organizations and interests arose to combat the perceived injustices of the Gilded Age. • The Age of Exploration led to a transfer of ideas and products, many of which are still important in our lives today. Directions: Using your critical reading & notes, your other table group members, outside resources (like any book or the internet, etc. v To the Teacher THE TOTAL PACKAGE— WORLD GEOGRAPHY AND CULTURESCLASSROOM RESOURCES Glencoe’s Unit Resources books are packed with activities for the varied needs of all your UNIT 1 RESOURCES Creating a Nation Beginnings–1789 CHAPTER 1 Colonizing America, Prehistory to 1754 CHAPTER 2 The American Revolution, 1754–1783 CHAPTER 3 Creating a Constitution, 1781–1789 Spanish missions along the barrier islands, and the exploration of Hernando de Soto. 4 & 13. My reflectionsworkbooklesson3 and 4 1. Then use the information under the heading to help you write each answer. Chapter 17; Lesson 3: Colonial Latin America Directions: As you read through the online textbook, complete the blank spaces and answer any questions within these notes. Purchase through these links helps to keep this educational website online and free. English and Dutch settlers were Protestant. For additional educational materials on this topic, including outlines and powerpoints, click here . *Be sure to check the Aeries Gradebook for an updated list of homework assignments. Navigation in the Age of Exploration The map shown on the last page will be used in two different activities in lesson 1. Enter the appropriate word(s) to complete the statement. People of the Colonies 11 UNIT 2 CREATING A NATION: 1650–1789 CHAPTER 4: The Road to Revolution 1. American Colonies Museum Project You have been assigned a colony in class to complete this project. Ch. Who led a revolt against Spanish rule in Cuba in 1895? 2. Length of Unit: 5-6 weeks. Conquest and Colonies Guided Notes. Lessons of the Explorers Lesson ideas and resources from Education World. Artifacts are things made or given shape by people, such as a tools, weapons, or artwork. Lesson 3 The Guided Notes Voyages of Discovery PowerPoint. After reading pages 253-256 they need to answer focus your reading questions on page 253. The Atlantic Slave Trade PowerPoint. Dear Family, Today my class started 1 D a P Chapter 1: ata nd robability also be learning to display and read data in a bar graph and line plot. An AV before the page number indicates that the answer is found on that page in American Voices. Prince Henry the Navigator conducted a special school in Portugal for _____ and _____ and helped launch the Great Age of Featured Video - For Educators - Navigation in the Age of Exploration. They settled in southwestern and southeastern North America. America. The War Ends 18 Enrichment Activity 3 GUIDED READING As you read, note how Garden describes a series of essays describing life in colonial America just before the www. 91, 2,. The Virginia Company organized to attempt to bring resources back from the New World. • Europeans risked dangerous ocean voyages to discover new sea routes. The first country to launch large-scale voyages of exploration was Spain. European Colonization Lesson Plans & Worksheets | Lesson Planet Browse Our US History Teachers member area is now open! Get unlimited access to every lesson plan, presentation, worksheet, activity, assessment and resource we have every published on the site! ***** Click this link to get unlimited access to all resources and a full year of US History lesson plans ***** ***** NAME DATE CLASS Guided Reading Activity netw rks The Age of Exploration Lesson 3 Colonial Latin America Review Questions Directions: Read each main idea. 5 reading comprehension and 1 short response questions for Space Exploration & You. e. Grade: 8th Grade. The Effects of European Exploration – in 3 levels. The War Deepens 17 4. Chapter 4 - Lesson 3 Guided Reading Activity The Age of Exploration Lesson 3 Colonial Latin America Review Questions DIRECTIONS: Read each main idea. We are updating our system in order to improve your user experience. 101, 2,. Regions – Using your notes, fill in this chart. Nineteenth Century Progress; Chapter 27 - The Age of Imperialism (1850-1914) Section 1. Each handout contains an informational text reading followed by a series of questions based on the reading. Who was Marco Polo, and why was he Colonial Regions – Color and label the three colonial regions, complete with the names of each of the thirteen colonies. Foundations of Freedom 15 2. 2004 · Vol. trade-offs cost-benefit analysis maximum combinations Subject: American History. Write questions and answers for credit. (85 min) Homework (write on board): Read green textbook: Lesson 3 pages 176-179 answer guiding question on page 176 Sep 26, 2019 · Reading 15 minutes: Module 3 Lesson 1 p. The Heuxotzinco Codex - a primary-source based lesson where students analyze an Aztec codex made shortly after the conquest. 1) Bell Ringer / Opening Activity (Anne Hutchinson Worksheet) 2) PowerPoint Presentation (Save at least 3 hours of prep time!) (13 Original Colonies Worksheet) 3) Guided Notes worksheet for your students. • Why might Exploration. Italian Renaissance Humanism 1. (When answering online, separate multiple responses with a comma and one space. America 1492. docx Author: Childers, Ryan Created Date: 4/23/2014 7:21:59 PM View Age of Exploration: Lesson 2 & 3 - KEONDRICK HUCKABY from SOCIAL STU 03320100 at Everman H S. -They also watched a video giving them an overview of the Age of Exploration. Save the Rain Forest – in 3 levels. Power Vocabulary Free Download. 1 Imperialism Agenda NB41 Imperialism Targets NB42 Imperialism Targets Defined NB43 Due 10/22 Teacher Defined Targets NB44 Thought of the Day NB45 Thursday 10/17 Age of Imperialism Guided Notes NB46 The World’s Plunderers Political Cartoon NB47 Friday 10/18 No School—COI Day Chapter 25: Nationalism Around the World Section 1: Nationalism in the Middle East. During the following century, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and British explorers continued to risk their lives seeking treasure and adventure in the New World. Motives and Means 1. Age of Exploration: The period of time, beginning in the late 1400s, in which European explorers sought new routes to Asia and discovered the Americas. Reformation armada Religious Rivalries Guiding Question: What were the religious motives behind the Age of Exploration? Directions: Read the lesson and complete the outline below. This period of discovery lasted from about 1418 to 1620. Exploring the Americas Lesson 3 Colonial Latin America Directions: Read each main idea. FREE 7-day instant eTextbook access to your textbook while you wait. Introduction 1. docx Author: Childers, Ryan Created Date: 4/23/2014 7:21:59 PM C O N T E N T S: KEY TOPICS. By controlling trade, three great kingdoms developed in West Africa. It then requires students to play the role of a ship doctor and to diagnose sick sailors based on their symptoms. Teachers Guide Abigail Adams Reading Comprehension - Online. Age of Exploration and Colonization. Spanish settlers were Catholic. The Breach Widens 14 CHAPTER 5: War for Independence 1. 2006 13. Fighting for Independence 16 3. They will learn about Guided Reading Activity 1-4 Guided Reading Activities ★4 ★ American History: The Early Years to 1877 Climate and Resources DIRECTIONS: Filling in the Blanks Read the section and complete the sentences below. Along with the 268 sailors on the ships with them was Antonio Pigafetta, a Venetian noble who recorded in his diary the suc A lesson plan for grades 3-5 focusing on Dutch, French, Spanish, and English explorations on the east coast of North America during the 1500’s and 1600’s. Lesson 1 European Exploration and Expansion the correct heading and subheading to help you write each answer. There are 167 worksheets total, in chronological order, divided into fifteen sections. Ferdinand Magellan was the Portuguese captain that led the expedition to sail out to unknown lands. The Middle Colonies 10 4. Many of our class assignments and projects will use resources that are posted on this page. As a result you may need to reset your password by clicking here. Procedures and Activities: • Build background knowledge of students by asking them to write a response to these questions: “Has your parents made you do something (for example, chores) that you didn’t want to do? What was the reason for using you?” • Language activity – review the vocabulary words related to the lesson: colonialism, The first Americans migrated to the Americas by crossing the ______________ during the last Ice Age. Viewpoint Activity: Why Latin Americans Wanted Independence. Thank you for visiting our new website. 31-2,. age of exploration (age of discovery) americas colonization by europeans especially english, spanish emigration to americas from europe demise of native cultures aztec maya inca latin america rigid class system dictorial rule spanish influence latin america gold and silver exported to europe & asia spain dominant spain gains riches (gold & silver) dominant in international trade spain loses The findings of the archaeologists show a strip of land that joined Asia and the Americas. The inside of the earth has layers. this is a Instructor stops after reading the first sentence and rephrase the third sentence of the paragraph: this sentence said that Europeans where trying to go to Asia during the Age of Exploration and this was known for the age of exploration. 77–78 Instruction Vocabulary Builder Before teaching this lesson, preteach the High-Use Words fundamental and accumulate using the strategy on TE p. qxd 19. The creation of permanent settlements and colonies created a network of communication and trade, therefore ending the need to search for new routes. Chapter 6, lesson 3 and 4. Articles, interactive activities, booktalks, and more to help students understand Colonial life and times. About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the page at Renaissance - Age of Exploration. When an answer is found in one of the twelve suggested literature titles, the name of the book is listed. • Early European explorers sought gold in Africa then began to trade slaves. The unit provides lesson plans for 15 days. 131, 2,. Chapter 16 Assignments: European Exploration The Age of Exploration ended in the early 17th century after technological advancements and increased knowledge of the world allowed Europeans to travel easily across the globe by sea. 19 Determine the impact of significant Meso and South American rulers such as Pacal the Great, Moctezuma I, and Huayna Capac. A complete interactive lesson on the Age of Discovery and Exploration Readings & Dinner Party. 4) Content Reading Guide (Lesson Plans work with ALL textbooks!) 5) Quiz, Exit Slip, Assessments, or Test for EVERY lesson plan / Unit! The people of Latin America were frustrated with the social, racial and political system they were forced under for the past 300 years. 1995 · Vol. European colonization lesson plans and worksheets from thousands of teacher-reviewed resources to help you inspire students learning. If you don't see any interesting for you, use our search form on bottom ↓ . For each group of Americans, tell why they had sympathy for the Cubans. GUIDED READING As you read, note how Garden describes the basis of belief for those who follow Whitefield. 6. ". The Americas: The land masses of North America, Central America, and South America. Start studying Guided reading activity 13-3 Colonial Latin America. This map will be used first for the pre-assessment to see what previous knowledge of the thirteen colonies the students are bringing to the unit with them. The Age of Exploration was driven in large part by the search for wealth. The war with the highest total cost 4. Map "Seige of Boston" 4. Conquest and Colonies PowerPoint. 3. Chapter 26 - An Age of Democracy and Progress (1815-1914) Section 1. Colonial America Study Guide Answers Key People Identify the Virginia Dare – John Winthrop – Chapter 4 - Lesson 1 Guided Reading Activity The Age of Exploration. Navigation in the Age of Exploration worksheets. A major reason for these voyages was the desire to find sea routes to east Asia, which Europeans called the Indies. The circle next to the answer will turn Students read assigned passages and are guided through a comparison of Aztec and Inca culture. There are six things you need to know about the Colonial Era. Guided Reading Activity 16-5 3. The activities provided in this booklet have a variety of applications. Colony,” examines  Section 1 – European Exploration and Expansion. Worksheet 1, Worksheet 2, Answer Key (adapted from a lesson from the Library of Congress found here. Free Social Studies worksheets, Games and Projects for preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade and 5th grade kids Selection File type icon File name Description Size Revision Time User; Ċ: 3 Types of Colonies Foldable. Overview of Unit: This unit examines how exploration and settlement affect the development of a nation; the diversity of pre-Columbian native cultures, and patterns of European colonization are explored. Exploring America Answer Key The number in parentheses after an answer indicates the page number on which that answer is found in the text. The Age of Exploration Historical Snapshot Close Reading ⚡4. 4. The Atlantic Slave Trade Guided Notes . D. The Sick Ship - Deadly Diseases That Plagued Sailors During the Age of Exploration. Unit Project: A Museum of Exploration- Build a museum exhibit about the exploration and early colonization of North America. 141, 2,. 18 Compare the key economic, cultural, and political characteristics of the major civilizations of Meso and South America. European colonial _____ helped produce a great increase in European trade, and this growth was a key step in the development of a world Age of Exploration Reading Comprehension - Online. In groups, the students could create a power point presentation of one of the main 5 colonies. This caused a lot of settlers and explorers to go to many parts of North America. Slave labor declined in the Americas as a result of the Age of Exploration. 26 Chapter 3 Section 1: Guided Reading and Review Guided Reading and Review Benefits of Free Enterprise . The American Republic to 1877 Video The chapter 3 video, “The Lost. Portuguese and is most famous for the voyages of discovery that he organized and financed, which eventually led to the rounding of Africa and the establishment of sea routes to the Indies. 01. The site, from the New Deal Network, presents a selection of seventeen interviews of former slaves conducted by members of the Federal Writers Project of the Works Progress Administration (WPA). Start a free trial of Quizlet Plus by Thanksgiving | Lock in 50% off all year Try it free Chapter 4 - Lesson 1 Guided Reading Activity The Age of Exploration Lesson 1 European Exploration and Expansion Review Questions DIRECTIONS: Locate each heading below in your textbook. The map shown on the last page will be used in two different activities in lesson 1. The last Ice Age started about 100,000 years ago and ended about 12,000 years ago. Key Terms Have students continue fill-ing in the See It–Remember It chart for the Key Terms in this chapter. Sep 26, 2019 · Reading 15 minutes: Module 3 Lesson 1 p. Students read assigned passages and are guided through a comparison of Aztec and Inca culture. The Age of Exploration Guided Reading Activity Lesson 3 Colonial Latin America Review Questions Directions: Read each main idea. World History Units On this page you will be able to find all the resources we've used and the assignments we've done in class. glencoe. II. If you prefer to download the entire book at once, go to class Haiku page and download the PDF file. Colonial. Which led to the settlement of the Americas?</p> Preview this quiz on Quizizz. 10. What are the other two, you may ask? Dec 06, 2015 · On this page you can read or download networks chapter 3 lesson 3 guided reading answers in PDF format. • During the Age of Exploration, European explorers were attempting to find a water route to the Indies • When Columbus arrived in North America, he believed he was in India. ), & your brain you will gain an understanding of the inner workings and impact of the Colonial Absolutism on Latin America. This lesson examines the impact of European colonization, technology, and disease Mar 29, 2012 · Cartlidge 8th grade Social Studies. I have located my answer. Even so, the Colonial Period (1492-1810) stands out as being the era that did the most to shape what Latin America is today. In this lesson, students will explore the Transatlantic slave trade through multiple mediums – reading, art, poetry, etc. Student-Driven Activities, Guided Practice and Common Core Reading Age of Exploration Lesson Plans: ⭐1. New Patterns of Trade PowerPoint. 22-3 ★ Guided Reading Activity 22-3 DIRECTIONS: Recalling the FactsUse the information in your textbook to answer the questions. 1-3) Locate resources in the United States and describe the influence of access on the development of local and regional communities (DOK 1-3) rk text p. Interactive Reading and Notetaking Study Guide ANSWER KEY For use with both on-level and adapted versions 1288704_IRNSG_AK_BW. doc View Download: Copy of the Guided notes which we completed in class. We will discuss the reasons for travel, how they made their voyage, routes, and the historical significance of each. The French were also Catholic. Start studying The Age of Exploration 4-3. The quiz was extremely fun to do, but they weren’t excerpt based and I wish that they were. They set up colonies along the Atlantic coast. Other groups also suffered negative consequences due to European exploration and colonization of America. Explain why the Portuguese were the first successful European explorers. POSSIBLY USEFUL. 111, 2,. guided reading activity the age of exploration lesson 3 colonial latin america answer key